Collateral Damage Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter to be released 12/18/13

Collateral Damage, Bourbon Barrel Aged
Imperial Porter to be released Today
In Bottles and Draft at the Tasting Room!

Whats up Outlaws, we are glad to say that we are releasing a new barrel aged beer today in bottles and draft at the Tasting Room.


Remember those barrels in the tasting room? Well those were filled with Imperial Porter over a year ago and now they are emptied and bottled! 


Introducing, Collateral Damage. This bad boy was aged in  one time use Makers Mark Barrels for over a YEAR! It weighs in at 10.5% abv and have tons of bourbon, oak, vanilla and chocolate flavors. Not "notes" but full blown in your face flavor. So much so that it is really hard to taste anything else after enjoying a Collateral Damage!



Available this week only at the tasting room at the brewery! Next week in select stores and bars.




22oz Collateral Damage Bottle - $18