Karl Strauss and Ironfire Collaberation Beer " T-Town Showdown" Release

Well Outlaws the long wait is here. Ironfire and Karl Strauss and pleased to announce that our collaboration beer will be released this Wednesday, March 18th at the Karl Strauss brew pub in Temecula. Beer will be taped at 6pm!

I wish I could tell you what type of beer it is but it really doesn't have a category. I can tell you this: It is a hybrid of an IPA and a Wheat ale. It was brewed mainly with Galaxy and Polaris hops. It was fermented with brettanomyces claussenii! Finally it was dry hopped!

No you know why it doesn't fit into a category. It is incredibly fruity and delicious with just the right amount of funk! 

Come on by and enjoy a pint with the Karl Strauss and Ironfire Crews!